Villes en Développement no. 106: Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment in Cities (June 2017)


The June 2017 issue of Villes en Développement focuses on Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment in Cities. Cities Alliance Urban Specialist Dr. Laura Lima worked as a guest editor for the publication and contributed an editorial.

The issue features contributions by academics, practitioners, national and local politicians from a range of countries:

  • Dr Benjamin Michelon – For an operational Approach Towards Gender in Urban Projects
  • Guillaume Graff & Pierre-Arnaud Barthel – Gender in the Financing of Urban Projects by the French Development Agency
  • Julie Salagnac-Diop and O. Sananes – Urban Development: Combating Gender-Related Inequalites
  • Interview with Mayor Maria Helena Langa (Mozambique)
  • Henda Gafsi – Promoting Gender Equality in the management of Local Affairs in Tunisia
  • Claudia Bustos (Ministry of Housing, Chile) –  Empowering Women to become involved in local life


The issue is available in French and English.
Villes en Développement is a publication funded by the French Development Agency (AFD). 

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