Cities Alliance Events

United Nations Environment Assembly

Cities Alliance Assembly

UN-Habitat Assembly


UCLG World Congress

UN Climate Action Summit 2019

3rd International Conference on National Urban Policy

Infopoint Lunchtime Conference: Systems of Secondary Cities

World Urban Forum

European Development Days

The 2020 Africa-France Summit for sustainable cities and regions

Climate Adaptation Summit

Gender Equality in EU External Action: Learning From Cities

Beyond the Revolution: Women's Political and Cultural Participation in Tunisia

Webinar: Smart Technologies for Equitable City Economies

Webinar: Impact of the Covid-19 Pandemic on Migrants and Remittances to Latin America and the Caribbean

The Feminist City

Informal settlements and social housing: COVID-19 impacts and answers

Inclusive approaches for tackling COVID-19 in informal settlements

Fifth thematic session of the Live Learning series: Migration

Right to the City: Facing #COVID19 and the Global Crisis

Inclusive Urban Development: An Alternative Narrative

Metropolitan governance responses and challenges towards the COVID19

Addressing COVID-19 in informal contexts

Informal Settlements and Migration in Latin America

Webinar: Research as a Vessel for Equitable Economic Growth

El Salvador: Law of Territorial Planning and Development

Mexico: Informal settlements and COVID

The Kosovo Upgrading Project in Cape Town

Informal Settlements and COVID in Latin America

Latin America - South Korea: Land, Housing and Urban Development

WEBINAR - Learning from Cities to Advance Gender Equality

Mobilizing Pro-Poor Investments for Adaptation & Resilience in the Post-COVID Economic Recovery

Lecture Series for Built Environment Professionals in the Commonwealth

Arab Cities and Covid19: Disaster Preparedness & Emergency Response

Affordable Housing and Land in Latin America

COVID-19’s impact on housing and efforts to upgrade slums worldwide

Webinar: The Transaction Support Centre, South Africa

The importance of gender equality in a time of crisis

Strengthening Alliances For The Care Of Migrants In The Context Of Covid-19 In Mexico

Migration in Guatemala

Affordable Rental Housing for Migrant Workforce in Post Covid-19 Era

Webinar Series: Cities’ Response to Containing and Mitigating the Impact of COVID 19

Mexico: International Metropolitan Forum

Policy & Legal Framework for Enabling Rental Housing

How They Do It in Ethiopia: Making Room for Cities to Grow

Global Design Summit Speaker Series

SDG 11 Day: Supporting City Actions for a Resilient Future. 5 October.

Livorno 33rd RETE Meeting

World Habitat Day

World Metropolitan Day

The Forum of Mayors 2020 - 6 October

Urban October Dialogues: The Urban Sector in Mexico Beyond the Covid-19

Daring Cities

Urban Thinkers Campus - Slum Upgrading in Sub Saharan Africa

Urban Thinker's Campus - Asia

Informal Settlements and Recovery Plans

Enhancing the role of Multi-Stakeholder Collaborations for COVID-19 Mitigation

Cities and Migration: Proactive Urban Planning to Make Room for All

Forced Migration in Cities - Urban Thinkers Campus series

Migration in Guatemala: urban planning, housing and local development

Promoting Local Government and Citizen Engagement for the City We Need in Africa, in Time of Covid-19 and Beyond

Global Observance of the World Cities Day

Policy Lab 2 India: Government-Led Rental Housing Model: Options and Challenges

Tropical Cities - The Soul of the City: Panel discussion: In Search of the Soul of the City