CG Meeting Report and Final Documentation - Mexico City

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16-17 November 2010
Mexico City, Mexico

16 November 2010 Policy Advisory Forum: “Thinking Strategically About Africa”

Secretariat Presentations

Final Meeting Documentation

18 November 2010 UCLG Session: Building Cities and Citizenship

This session focused on the Latin American experience of enabling the rights of all citizens to the city, the political will and the participatory urban reform processes that enable this, with a particular focus on the City Statute of Brazil, one of the most far reaching urban policy reform measures introduced in recent years. Invited Speakers presentedlessons learned and recommendations from their own local experiences of these processes. The key message was the right of all citizenry to a safe, sound and equitable urban life, and on the important role of municipalities in drawing up the requisite urban policies and programmes that will ensure this.

Speaker Presentations: