Video: Cities for Life

Cities Alliance President Anibal Gaviria, on the commitment to Zero Carbon Goal.

Cities For Life


Cities Alliance President, Anibal Gaviria participated in the Forum Zero Carbone, on 5th anniversary of the Paris Agreement, organized by the Mayor of Paris, on 10 and 11 December.


During his intervention, via video, Mr Gaviria, who is the Governor of Antioquia, Colombia, highlighted different climate change initiatives implemented in his region, as well as current Cities Alliance's projects in this field. 


Our Global Programme on Resilient Cities, Informality, and Climate Change, emphasizes the importance of giving voice to the urban poor, recognizing them as partners with local governments to build more equitable and resilient cities. We are currently supporting community-based projects in Liberia, Somalia, Kenya, Uganda, Bangladesh and Myanmar, all countries significantly affected by climate shocks.

Watch the video: 



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