Urban Policy Coalitions (Policy Brief 1)


Urban Policy Coalitions is the first of a series of policy briefs published by the Cities Alliance Africa Think Tank. By Camaren Peter, the brief deals with the importance of urban policy coalitions, and the necessity of mapping urban controversies in a collective manner. Camaren argues that coalitions are key to the structuration of urban policies in Africa because they are platforms where diverse interests and priorities are filtered and channeled.

Cities Alliance Africa Think Tank proposes that a 'fit for purpose' multi-level governance system is required to bridge the gap in finance and institutional capacity between national and local levels, one that draws on different sectors of society to actualise. These coalitions require leadership that thinks through an integrated vision of urban matters on the continent, at different scales, and in accordance with local contexts.


About the Cities Alliance Africa Think Tank

A partnership between Cities Alliance and the African Centre for Cities, was formed to reflect the unique complexities of urbanization on the African continent. The partnership features a broad range of members with a global focus.

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