Urban LandMark Resources on Tenure: The interaction between informal land markets and rural-urban migration (2011)


This research report usefully interrogates the 'temporary' nature of individual migration in the post-apartheid period, within the context of access to urban land markets, and investigates how migrant workers transact in informal land markets, whether households reconfigure after land market transactions, and whether the ability to transact successfully in informal land markets influences the nature of migration.


Urban LandMark provides funding support to organisations researching issues particularly relevant to urban land markets, but where little investigation has taken place so far, to catalyse larger programmes of work. One such area is the interaction between informal land markets and rural-urban migration, about which little is known, even though informal land markets and migration are defining features of South Africa's cities. Since 2009, Urban LandMark has supported Dorrit Posel of the University of KwaZulu-Natal and Colin Marx of University College London to investigate issues around how informal land markets influence migration patterns, and how migration patterns shape informal land markets.

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