Urban LandMark Resources on Governance: International Land Banking Practices: Considerations for Gauteng Province (2007)



The objective of this study is to offer an overview of land banking internationally with a view to providing information for determining its feasibility in the context of Gauteng. Given the legal, institutional and financial complexities that are implicit in a practice such as land banking, this paper outlines some of the basic tenets of land banking as it functions internationally as a starting point for a more detailed analysis of its viability in the local milieu.

Download the Paper by Dr Kirsten Harrison [183KB]


This presentation by the Gauteng Department of Housing provides an overview of the international experience of land banking. Specifically, it outlines definitions of land banking, investigates the practice of land banking in an international context and looks at best practice in land banking and land banks.

Download the Presentation on Land Banking Practices [255KB]

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