Youth Integration Support Centre of Nouakchott (“CAP Insertion”)



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The main objective of the project is to provide Mauritanian national and local authorities with innovative and effective ways of solving the problem of youth unemployment. The NGO, GRET, has tested a scheme known as “CAP Insertion” since 2008 in Nouakchott. Three local offices in the outskirts of Nouakchott, with a lot of pockets of poverty, receive young people. Advisers help them to define their career path and obtain training, internships, and jobs. The method developed by GRET is producing results. It also seeks to serve as interface by involving all existing stakeholders that engage in local activities in the country: public, private and social stakeholders. This experiment has demonstrated its relevance and coherence in the Mauritanian context, and will be incorporated in national policies (through the Ministry Delegate in charge of Employment, Vocational Training and New Technologies / MDEFPNT) and in the local policies of Nouakchott city (Nouakchott City Council/CUN, Municipalities) as from 2013. The proposed project consists of a phase for the transfer of the existing scheme to the national and local structures.
1) Support to national and local public authorities for the implementation of policies and tools in favour of youth employment 2) Development of partnerships between the local authorities, businesses, training institutions, youths and other local stakeholders 3) Support to youths for self-reliance 4) Optimization, enrichment and expected development of the scheme
Activity 1.1: Preparation of an integration and economic development strategy by CUN and the municipalities a) Conduct of a global study on youths and businesses in CUN area b) Organization of an integration forum or focus groups in the municipalities c) Preparation of a strategic and technical document Activity 1.2: 1) Assignment/recruitment of CUN steering staff, GRET staff and involvement of local development workers (ADLs) of municipalities 2) Training of CUN staff in the integration scheme and sensitization of ADLs of municipalities Activity 1.3: 1) Establishment and operation of a CUN Steering Committee 2) Establishment and operation of a National Coordination Committee 3) Establishment and operation of a CUN Executive Committee Activity 2.1 1) Relations with local stakeholders of the CUN Office (neighborhood associations, training institutions, businesses, etc.) a) Census, collection of information on all local stakeholders ; b) Inclusion of these data in the database (data on youths of the Office, businesses and training centres contacted) c) Preparation and dissemination of communication tools for each type of stakeholders Activity 2.2 1) Establishment of forums for consultation and dialogue: a) Establishment of local consultation forums in the municipalities (CCC meeting on local political integration), b) Establishment and operation of the local monitoring committee of the CUN Office 2) Implementation of communication actions on the scheme and its challenges for youths and the various stakeholders: a) Preparation and dissemination of communication tools (leaflets, posters, etc.), b) Organization of a public event based on a press campaign, c) Organization of local events on employment, integration, and training. Activity 3.1 1) Reception, training, orientation, assistance, and follow-up of youths (for employment, self-employment or technical and vocational training) by the CUN Office Activity 3.2 1) Establishment and management of a “support fund” Activity 4.1 1) Conduct of studies: on the profiles and constraints of youths, businesses, awareness, satisfaction and impact 2) Deepening of knowledge through sharing of experiences: exchange seminar with partners (final forum on integration with feedback on the CUN study and strategic and technical paper on integration) Activity 4.2 1) Formalization and adoption of the approach, methods, procedures and tools in CUN 2) Consolidation of tools and methods on lessons from the experience Activity 4.3 1) Establishment and operation of a discussion/sharing forum between the offices (CUN and MDEFPNT) 2) Mobilization and identification of new sources of funding (by CUN and GRET)
Expected Impacts and Results
1) Facilitate professional integration and access to employment and decent income for Mauritanian youths. 2) Enhance the skills and knowledge of national and local public authorities in handling the problem of professional integration with appropriate and innovative solutions.