Strengthening Urban Local Governments in Uganda to Achieve the Goals of the TSUPU project



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The Urban Authorities Association of Uganda (UAAU) and the International City Management Association (ICMA) have entered into a formal partnership (UAAU/ICMA Partnership) to assist the Government of Uganda to successfully implement the Transforming Settlements of the Urban Poor in Uganda (TSUPU) programme. This partnership focuses upon the urban management needs of local governments to achieve the specific objectives identified in the TSUPU program. Through this partnership, UAAU will increase its organisational capacity as a national municipal association, and the UAAU/ICMA partnership will assist in providing urban management technical assistance and training to the five pilot municipalities. This assistance will also enhance the capacity of the pilot municipalities to engage with their communities.
The project has two primary objectives:  1) To increase the capacity of the five pilot municipalities by improving their urban management and planning systems to meet the goals of the TSUPU project;  2) To improve the capacity of Urban Authorities Association of Uganda to be a more effective and sustainable municipal association representing the interests of urban local governments in Uganda.
a) Developing a "commitment of ownership" to the TSUPU project goals and the important role that local governments and their municipal association must play throughout the project;  b) Assisting members of the Leadership Teams from the pilot municipalities and the UAAU to fully understand their roles and responsibilities in meeting the goals of the TSUPU project;  c) Training on the "public service" philosophy that is the foundation upon which the TSUPU project rests;  d) Assistance with conducting a self-assessment "gap analysis" in each of the five pilot municipalities focused upon identifying the organisational impediments that must be addressed in meeting the goals of the TSUPU project; e) Assistance with the finalisation of an organisational "gap analysis" for each of the pilot municipalities;  f) Assistance with the development of a Management Improvement Plan in each of the five pilots focused upon achieving the goals of the TSUPU project;  g) Assisting the pilot municipalities with the development of their application for a Municipal Development Strategy (MDS);  h) Assisting the pilot municipalities with creating an effective and sustainable Community Upgrading Fund;  i) Development of the Municipal Leadership Institute in close coordination with UAAU, the Ministries, and Ugandan training institutions;  j) Conducting the first training module of the Municipal Leadership Institute; k) Assisting UAAU in conducting a self-assessment of the organisational gaps (Gap Analysis) that stand in the way of creating a sustainable municipal association focused upon membership, advocacy, knowledge sharing and financial/organisational sustainability; l) Assisting UAAU with the development and implementation of a UAAU Management Improvement Plan focused upon membership, advocacy, and knowledge sharing and financial/organizational sustainability;   m) Assisting UAAU in developing an urban advocacy agenda focused upon implementing a Uganda National Urban Policy and Implementation Strategy;  n) Implementation of the online Municipal Clerks "Mentoring Partnership" for the five town clerks from the pilot municipalities.
Expected Impacts and Results
The project outcomes will take place through the specific activities that are being incorporated into the ICMA/UAAU project. These activities are designed to meet the two project objectives, and will be achieved through the methodology outlined in Section 16 (See Proposal for full details).