Review of the Cities Development Strategy Program in the Philippines and Preparation and Publication of the State of Philippine Cities Report



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The activity will build upon the CDS Program in the Philippines, which began in 1998. Based on a strategic assessment of the CDS Program, including documentation of local government innovations to sustain CDS activities, the activity will result in lessons and recommendations for enhancing future phases of the CDS Program. The activity will also prepare a State of the Philippine Cities Report, designed to help improve the performance of cities in governance and service delivery.
1) To draw lessons from the vast experience of the Philippines in implementing the CDS Program by conducting a strategic assessment of the program; 2) To enhance the awareness and appreciation of Philippine cities on the benefits of implementing the CDS and sustaining CDS activities, with specific focus on the Marikina Shelter Program; 3) To improve the performance of cities in governance and service delivery by preparing and publishing a State of Philippine Cities Report, which will serve as basis for follow-up project design, policy formulation and performance-based aid. The report can be used as yardstick for competition in performance among cities.
The project has 5 components: 1) Strategic Assessment of the CDS Program; 2)Documentation of Local Government Innovations and Good Practices; 3)Preparation and Publication of State of Philippine Cities Report; 4) Dissemination and knowledge-sharing; and 5)Replication and Scaling up.
Expected Impacts and Results
1) Enhanced CDS content and methodology, improved operational capacity of CDS cities and LCP and growth of interest and demand for CDS; 2) Improved city governance and service delivery; 3) Increased awareness of and appreciation for shelter and other local government innovations by stakeholders at the local and national levels; 4) Improved capacity of LGUs to develop and implement pro-poor shelter development strategies; 5) Sustained efforts in making cities livable, bankable, including a National Planning Framework component on CDS.