Preparing for a City Development Strategy in the Kumasi Region of Ghana



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The City of Kumasi, Ghana, in partnership with local, national and international key stakeholders seeks to prepare a City Development Strategy for the Metropolitan region of Kumasi. The preparatory assistance will enable the City of Kumasi to activate local stakeholders, develop linkages to the national PRSP and investment partners, as well as identify sponsoring partners.
Development of a CDS draft proposal that aims to: a) enhance income-generation and employment opportunities for the urban poor;  b) improve and institutionalize the modalities of the District Assembly in the area of urban planning to enhance revenue generation;  c) support the evolution of an enabling environment for sustainable social capital generation through good governance, transparency, and accountability in administrative behavior;  d) protect natural resource and environmental assets through sustainable city development planning
Sensitize and train the local stakeholders (e.g. the Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly, Asanteman Council, private sector leaders, local NGOs) to make them effective participants in the CDS process. Develop the capacity within the governments of Kumasi and the surrounding towns to lead and support the CDS process. Engage the National Association of Local Authorities in Ghana (NALAG) Develop draft TOR for analytical components of CDS. Mobilize local and international cofinancing for Cities Alliance proposal.
Expected Impacts and Results
A CDS programme designed with broad local participation and with strong links to the national government and NALAG, that will enhance prospects for mobilizing internal and external funding for the CDS process and for a sustainable process resulting in coherent and implementable development plans.