Preparatory Grant Assistance for Greater Cairo Metropolitan Development Strategy and City-wide Upgrading



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The main objective of this preparatory grant is to prepare, discuss and agree on a long-term development framework for the GCMA, which comprises three urban governorates - Cairo, Giza and Qalyubiya, and the New Towns. A full application for Cities Alliance assistance will be prepared by the end of this preparatory phase.
The objective of subsequent phases will be as follows: Phase I (2007-08) is to prepare, discuss and agree upon (1) visions, (2) goals, priorities/development scenarios, and (3) programs, alternative strategic options and objectives society. Phase II (2008-09) is to prepare, discuss and agree upon (1) objectives and alternative strategic options, (2) mid-to-long-term Capital Investment Plan (CIP) (3) secure financing and implement “quick-win” investment projects, and (4) design a M&E system, as an outcome of stakeholder consultations among public (national and local) and private sectors and of civil society.
Clarify each Governor’s expectations, carefully prepare the process and assure common ownership; Create public space, identify partnerships, the width, depth and management of stakeholder consultations and the rules of participation; Hold small-scale think-tank workshop on existing situation analysis; Analyze growth and expansion scenarios for the Region up to 2021; Provide rapid appraisals on local finance capacities and procedures and of upcoming changes in the frame of decentralization; Define the modalities of financing of very high priority projects to go in parallel with the CDS- Phases I & II. Prepare the application for the CDS subsequent Phase I, define co-financing partners and implementation responsibilities.
Expected Impacts and Results
The Governors will create a solid and commonly agreed basis for the Greater Cairo CDS process (1st and 2nd phase). The Governors will have taken full ownership of the CDS process. The funding application for Phase I will be completed and Phase I can begin immediately.