Preparation of the Southern Africa Cities Alliance (SACA)



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South Africa


This is a preparatory activity to facilitate the emergence of an alliance among the large cities in South Africa (and, eventually, the Southern Africa region) to jointly frame city development strategies, including upgrading programs, measures to deal with and minimize the impact of AIDS, approaches to urban poverty especially with regard to basic services and housing, and to facilitate debate on intergovernmental fiscal policies and other key issues of common concern.
The objective is to build upon the Johannesburg process by drawing together the major cities in South Africa in a common strategy development process, thereby creating economies of scale and greater efficiency in addressing common issues. During the preparation phase, which is the main subject of this proposal, a number of key design issues will be addressed including relationships to other institutions involved in SA municipal affairs as well as the potential to mobilize private sector and international donor support for the proposal.
The project encompasses the first of three phases envisioned in establishing SACA. During this Mobilization phase the SACA concept will be finalized, and participants and financing partners will be mobilized. It is envisaged that this phase will focus on securing an intention to participate from at least 5 of the Metropolitan Local Governments of South Africa and will develop the basis on which SACA is to be established. A business and financing plan for SACA will be formulated during this phase. This phase will be undertaken by a consultant team.
Expected Impacts and Results
A feasibility study and a business plan, as well as an application for funding from the Cities Alliance and other potential sponsors to establish the Southern Africa Cities Alliance (SACA). SACA is envisaged to be a membership based, not-for profit organization that will serve the strategic planning needs of large cities in South Africa and neighboring countries on a sustainable basis.