Preparation of a Proposal on Strengthening Urban Shelter Programs in the Philippines



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To provide preparatory assistance to the Government to develop a proposal which would strengthen and expand its urban shelter programmes, to include technical assistance on the issues of tenure security for the urban poor.
Develop a proposal for submission to the Cities Alliance, for strengthening urban shelter programmes in the Philippines which would: 1) strengthen national government shelter programs;  2) assist motivated local governments in delivering shelter and basic infrastructure to squatter residents;  3) develop monitoring and evaluation systems to measure the impact of national and local shelter programmes  
1) Consultations with key government agencies (national and local) and stakeholders (poor communities, community organisations, NGOs) on the key issues to be addressed in the national programmes for urban shelter;  2) Review the low income housing sector, including issues of tenure security and squatting;  3) Assess the needs of LGUs for assistance in implementing local shelter programmes;  4) Consult with donors to coordinate activities in the sector;  5) Develop a proposal for Cities Alliance funding
Expected Impacts and Results
The activity is expected to:  1) Map out clear terms of reference for strengthening the government’s shelter programme in the next two years;   2) Facilitate the preparation of the Urban Shelter and Community Infrastructure Project Learning and Innovation Loan. The results of the activity are expected to help define how scaling-up can be accomplished as part of project design.