Preparation of a Proposal on “Nepal: Slum Upgrading Strategies and Investment Program”



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Although Nepal has a lower level of urbanization compared to other countries in Asia, the cities and towns has experienced rapid urban growth particularly due to rural-urban migration. The result has been an unprecedented growth of slums and squatter settlements along the river banks, hill-slopes, road-sides and other vacant lands. According to State of the World’s City Report (2006-07), around 92% of the urban population in Nepal lived in slums. Recognizing the magnitude and the severity of the issue, this project aimed to address the recent surge in slums and squatter settlements in the capital city Kathmandu and other cities in Nepal. It intends to prepare a full-scale funding proposal for slum upgrading strategy and investment programme in Nepal. The project had to be stalled due to difficult political conditions in the country (starting July 2008). The agreed activities and outputs were not achieved.
1) To prepare a grant proposal for submission to Cities Alliance, for developing “slum upgrading strategies and investment program in Nepal” with a view to: providing technical assistance to government for slum upgrading 2) providing assistance to local governments in developing and testing institutional frameworks 3) developing a national level policy framework on slum upgrading 4) developing M&E systems to measure the impact of national and local slum upgrading and shelter programs
1) Conduct consultations with the key government agencies and stakeholders 2) Provide a brief overview of the slum and squatter upgrading issues 3) Conduct consultations for the selection of municipalities 4) Hold consultations with donors 5)Develop a grant proposal for Cities Alliance funding on “slum upgrading strategies and investment program in Nepal” 6) Draft the necessary TORs
Expected Impacts and Results
After initial consultation workshops, the project was unable to gain any real momentum due to difficult political situation in the country. The intention was to establish a slum upgrading forum as a platform for discussion among various stakeholders including government agencies, local government, international organizations, NGOs and communities. The efforts were underway but it could not be sustained given the difficult situation in the country.