Preparation of Mostar’s Local Economic Development- Capacity Building and Business Improvement Program



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Mostar is seeking support to meet the severe economic, social, physical and cultural challenges the city faces as we attempt to build a complete and vibrant community following the war of 1992 to 1995. This application is for a preparatory grant to develop a full City Development Strategy, led by a comprehensive local economic development plan. The purpose of this preparatory application is to prepare to take forward the responsibilities that developing and implementing a full CDS entails for the city and to build the capacity within the city government to manage and implement it.
Develop the competencies, capacity and confidence to implement a sustainable local economic development led City Development Strategy and program that will focus on alleviating the high unemployment and hence poverty in the city.
1. Provide Strategic Advice, Knowledge and Support;  2. Local Government Capacity Building and Organizational;  3. Improving the Local Business Environment;  4. Partnership Development
Expected Impacts and Results
1) Production of a comprehensive, agreed and fundable and financiable local economic development strategy and action plan that can be built upon to become a CDS after December 2002;  2) Development of a well functioning chief officers group within the local authority, capable, able and willing to provide leadership, resources and support to the participatory local economic development strategy making and implementation process;  3) Implementation of specified capacity building activities in City Hall to enable delivery of outputs more effectively; 4) Assessment and plans of action needed to augment the business environment.