Partnership Framework Agreement for Support and Monitoring of the Program “Cities Without Slums”



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The Framework Agreement sets the foundations for a Cities Alliance partnership with Morocco’s Ministry of Housing and Urban Development for the support and monitoring of the Government’s national Cities Without Slums Programme which aims to gradually upgrade slums (200,000 households by 2010), taking the city as the programming unit, within a contractual framework between the State and local authorities.
1) Lay the foundations for a Cities Alliance-Ministry of Housing and Urban Development (MHU) partnership for the support and monitoring of the Cities Without Slums Programme (CWSP);  2)Provide advice and technical assistance to the MHU during implementation of the CWSP, and assist the MHU in the follow-up and evaluation of the Programme;  3) Mobilise international support and national private investment for the CWSP;  4) Help disseminate lessons learned by the Government in connection with the CWSP.
Draft a comprehensive technical assistance and training plan, create a Slum Observatory, and establish a Technical Monitoring Committee to ensure coordination and follow-up of CWSP implementation; Support to local stakeholders and intersectoral development structures, including support for the creation of a ‘Cities Without Slums’ agency within the Directorate for Low-Income Housing and Real Estate; Use of information professionals and the media to design an Information and Communication Plan to share lessons of Morocco’s CWSP experience with other countries.
Expected Impacts and Results
Slum upgrading initiatives under the CWSP target 51 cities and 141,850 households, with a total investment of $7.4 million, including $3.3 million from the State and $4 million from client households.