Participation of the Cities of Johannesburg and Addis Ababa in the Johannesburg – Addis Ababa Partnership Programme (‘JAAPP’)



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The Johannesburg-Addis Ababa Partnership Programme (‘JAAPP’) aims to establish, within the framework of NEPAD, a methodology and the capacity for sharing knowledge and experiences on City Development Strategies, drawing from Johannesburg’s successful experience of strategic planning and city management processes.
1) To support the City Government of Addis Ababa’s ongoing three year transformation programme, focused on CDS formulation and implementation;  2) To develop the City of Johannesburg’s capacity to develop and implement a model for knowledge and information sharing, as well as direct capacity building with other cities;  3) To test an innovative new approach to building capacity for city management in general and CDS in particular.
1) Leading and facilitating capacity-building workshops;  2) Transfer of strategic management systems and programmes;  3) Developing training materials, including a comprehensive city transformation process package suitable for wider application;  4) Secondment of officials to Addis Ababa;  5) ‘On the job’ hosting of Addis Ababa officials in Johannesburg;  6) Conducting study visits;  7) Setting up information exchanges;  8) Establishing technical and policy support groups;  9) Mutual learning and information exchange workshops.
Expected Impacts and Results
1) Key overall output of this programme will be the full Addis Ababa City Development Strategy;  2) Significant improvements with direct impact on the urban poor are targeted in seven areas of cooperation: city development planning and strategies;  3) performance management;  4) Service delivery;  5) Land housing; 6) Finance and economic development;  7) HIV/AIDS; as well as knowledge and information sharing. The successful implementation of each area will be closely monitored through a set of indicators.