Municipal Development Strategies - Azerbaijan



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The proposed project will build upon the demand-based process for project identification and implementation established under the Azerbaijan Rural Investment Project (AzRIP) to prepare Municipal Development Strategies in 15 municipalities, develop an MDS Manual, and make recommendations on necessary policy and legal reforms for municipal development within the country’s decentralization framework.
1) Rejuvenating the economy outside the Absheron peninsula and create gainful jobs for the poor by institutionalizing the MDS process through developing a practical manual and by supporting the Permanent Parliamentary Commission for Regional Issues (PPCRI) to draft necessary legal reforms; 2) Develop a model and methodological approaches to the MDS process tailored to the capacity of the majority of municipalities; Improve municipal finance and develop the technical capacity of municipalities to manage their own assets and deliver sustainable services to local populations; 3) Support the preparation of participatory, strategic plans in selected municipalities.
1) Municipal Resource Profiling and value chain analysis will be conducted in 15 municipalities by local university students; 2) Asset Management performance of municipalities will be assessed and recommendations for improvements will be made; 3) Legal Review will be conducted to identify legal constraints to municipal development and recommendations made to PPRCRI to initiate policy reforms; 4) Municipal Development Strategies will be prepared by 15 municipalities using participatory process; 5) MDS Guide will be produced based on MDS experiences and disseminated by PPCRI to non-beneficiary municipalities.
Expected Impacts and Results
1) CDS processes mainstreamed as an approach to municipal development; Increased capacity for strategic planning based on sound assessment of rigorous data on the local economy and available resources; 2) Strengthened municipal planning and asset management; More transparent and accountable local governance; 3) Increased local intellectual capacity to better implement the MDS Process as university students participate in data collection.