Mozambique Support for Upgrading the Chamanculo C Neighbourhood Maputo Municipality - Preparatory Grant



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In 2007, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed between the Federative Republic of Brazil and the Italian Republic with the aim of undertaking cooperation activities with the developing countries. The resultant Italian-Brazilian Triangular Cooperation Programme prioritises "Upgrading of Degraded City Neighbourhoods" as one of the core thematic areas under the cooperation. Maputo Mozambique was identified as a priority area for the cooperation programme to begin its support. The project aims to support the preparatory activities concerned with the Upgrading of the Chamanculo C Neighbourhood that would be funded under the cooperation.
To support the preparatory activities concerned with the project known as ‘Support for the Upgrading of the Chamanculo C Neighbourhood’ in accordance with the Global Strategy for Urbanising and Reordering Informal Settlements in the Maputo Municipality.
i) Hiring of three consultants will be contracted to develop preparatory activities; (ii) consolidation of the "Implementation Plan" of the project as a whole; (iii) preparation of the funding proposal for submission to the Cities Alliance; (iv) elaboration of the Operative Plan; (iv) preparation of the Terms of Reference for the UGP Coordinator, and for administrative and financial management and monitoring and evaluation; (v) undertaking the technical studies concerned with undertaking small preliminary infrastructure works at the beginning of the project; (vi) preparation of a list of contract provisions containing technical specifications for urbanisation works in precarious settlements as there is limited in-country capacity in the area of precarious settlement urbanisation.
Expected Impacts and Results
The scope of work funded by this preparatory grant created enabling conditions for additional Cities Alliance funding for the implementation of the project. The other partners, Italian and Brazilian Governments have approved the Operative Plan and also have agreed up on the disbursement schedule for the next phase of the project.