Lessons and Policy Recommendations from Urbanization Programs of Precarious Settlements in Brazil



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The Cities Alliance, the IADB and the Ministry of Cities/Caixa partnered to consolidate and add value to the existing knowledge on programs for the urbanization of precarious settlements in Brazil. These institutions share an interest in learning lessons which can improve the design and management of both programs and policies. Evaluations exists already for IADB-financed programs and projects, but existing knowledge can be further accumulated and innovative insights investigated, by means of meaningful, analytically oriented comparisons between nine different projects, which have been selected to make up a  sample.
The overall objective is to consolidate and add value to existing knowledge on urbanisation programs of precarious urban settlements in Brazil: a.) Lessons learned and policy recommendations are systematised; b.) Dissemination of the results of the study
a.) Data collection (documents, existing data, interviews with stakeholders, focus groups – through field missions); b.) Preparation of preliminary and final reports;  c.) Layout, editing and publishing; d.) Preparation and realization of a national seminar; e.) Preparation and realization of 5 regional workshops
Expected Impacts and Results
The Ministry of Cities intends to use the lessons from this study to support the design of urbanisation policies, and, more specifically, of phase II of PAC, as well as to provide indications for the implementation of such policies at the state and municipal level. IADB aims to support the design of new operations, more specifically in PROCIDADES program.