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In India, there is a strong realisation that its urban areas need to improve for the country to achieve fast and sustained economic development. Within that framework, the Government of India (GoI) has launched the Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission (JNNURM), which incentivises reforms in key areas -- urban governance, service delivery, financial management and devolution of functions to local bodies -- and links them to grants for infrastructure investments in the major Indian cities. Despite the strong focus on urban reforms through JNNURM, policy-makers are still struggling to evolve mechanisms to develop municipalities as autonomous city management agencies in order to combine urbanisation with economic development. In this context, it is proposed to prepare the India State of the Cities Report (SoCR) to address issues that are critical for sustainable economic development of cities and to provide inputs for formulating an urban development approach for the country.
The broad objectives of India SoCR are to: a) Assess the urban infrastructure deficit and its impact on the national economic growth; b) Analyse the relationship between socio-economic development in states and cities, and spatial concentration of population; c) Assess the urban policies, and institutional and financing framework; d) Evaluate policy initiatives taken by countries facing similar problems like China, South Africa and Brazil, among others, to efficiently manage fast urban growth; and e) Identify areas for change in urban policies and recommend strategies to strengthen urban institutional and financing frameworks to meet urban infrastructure deficits and achieve balanced and inclusive development across states.
a) Setting of National Steering Committee and national launch through workshop and webpage b) State level steering committees and launch workshops c) Diagnostics in selected 42 cities e) Diagnostics in selected 6 states f) National level diagnostics and preparation of India SoCR g) Dissemination workshop in states h) National dissemination workshop
Expected Impacts and Results
The output of the project will be the India State of the Cities Report and the outcome should contribute to addressing issues that are critical for sustainable development of urban areas in the 12th Five Year Plan as well as the National Commission on Sustainable Urbanisation II.