Improving Execution Capacity for an Urban Upgrading Program in the Metropolitan Area of San Salvador



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El Salvador


This proposal is geared towards strengthening the capacity of the Planning Office for the Metropolitan Area (OPAMSS) to prepare, implement and evaluate urban upgrading projects.
The objective of the activity is to prepare OPAMSS to design, implement and evaluate urban upgrading projects. This will complement the National Government's implementation of its housing policy by ensuring executing capacity in the country's largest urban area.
a) Metropolitan Long Term Plan;  b) Strengthening of OPAMSS;  c) Review of the institutional and regulatory framework.
Expected Impacts and Results
By the time the grant is completed, it is expected that OPAMSS will be able to start preparing a pilot urban upgrading project. It is also expected that both OPAMSS and a coordinating council of cities (COAMSS) will have a clear understanding of what needs to be done in the metropolitan area in the next 30 years in order to support the scaling up of urban upgrading programs, how can it be financed, what are the priorities in case of limited resources, and what are the legal, institutional and regulatory barriers to do so.