Improving and Expanding Sanitation in Greater Accra Workshop



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The Greater Accra Metropolitan Area (GAMA) consists of eight metropolitan/municipal assemblies and includes the city of Accra, which is the administrative, commercial and political capital of Ghana. GAMA is a rapidly growing and expanding metropolis with a large floating population that comes to the city to trade or work. The rapid growth of GAMA, both in terms of population and area, has generally taken place in the absence of planning and the necessary development of basic services, particularly sanitation. This, combined with a lack of capacity to operate and maintain the few existing wastewater facilities, has created a situation that may have serious health and environmental consequences. Furthermore, while Ghana compares favourably in most economic and development indicators with countries in the region, it drops to the bottom of the list as access to improved sanitation is concerned.
The objective of the workshop is to present the current situation with regard to access to improved sanitation in the GAMA, identify what studies or interventions are ongoing or planned, and develop a realistic roadmap to improving and expanding the services. The workshop intends to present and discuss a number of technical and institutional options for improving and expanding the sanitation services that have succeeded in Ghana and other countries. Finally there is a need to act in a coordinated manner and hence the invitation to key stakeholders such as national and local authorities, donors, consultants and research institutions.
Expected Impacts and Results
1) Better understanding of the current status of sanitation in the GAMA 2) Existing and ongoing studies and interventions 3) Coordination among key stakeholders and donors 4) Initial discussion of possible institutional and technical options 5) A road map to further analyse options or implement actions to address the needs to improve and extend sanitation in the GAMA