(Grant) Support for upgrading the Chamanculo C Neighbourhood in accordance with the Global Strategy for Urbanizing and Reordering Informal Settlements in the Maputo Municipality (Restructured)



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On January 2012 while the Cities Alliance was based at the World Bank a grant to the value of USD 545 000 was awarded to the City of Maputo in support of the upgrading of the Chamanculo C neighbourhood. The grant was the result of a long planning process involving the City of Maputo, the government of Brazil, Government of Italy and the Cities Alliance. The project was designed collectively by the partners as a single business plan. The three funding partners agreed to fund one single overall business plan and divided up the defined activities according to best fit and unique administrative constraints. In this respect the proposal funded by the Cities Alliance did not constitute a discreet component of the project but rather a cross cutting set of interventions, each of which was a part of the greater overall strategy. The Cities Alliance grant of USD 545 000 was an important contribution to an overall project budget of US$ 2,967,800. In September 2013 the Cities Alliance as an organisation transferred from the World Bank to the United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS) fiduciary platform. An administrative process that has required the rationalisation of grants in accordance with the agreements signed between the World Bank and UNOPS. As part of this process the World Bank has already restructured the grant agreement that they hold with City of Maputo and reduced its value from USD545 000 down to USD170 000. As a part of the same process this restructuring paper aims to restructure the remaining USD375 000 that will be funded by the Cities Alliance using the UNOPS granting and fiduciary platform. The Chamanculo C project is over sighted by a quadripartite committee comprising representatives of the City of Maputo, Government of Italy, Government of Brazil and the Cities Alliance. At a project oversight meeting held on the 26th thru 28th March 2014 two key decisions were made. 1) To accept a request by the project management team within the City of Maputo to extend the project by 12 months using resources from within the present budget. 2) To incorporate within the project a local drainage plan around which investment could then be mobilised.
No changes to the objectives of the project are proposed in this restructuring ie
1. Local Development Plan 2. Local Drainage Plan 3. Participatory Evaluation 4. Research, Analysis of Project Indicators Reports and Final Systematization Report 5. Assessment Workshop carried out. 6. Periodic Progress Report on local activities in the project. 7. Financial reports related to the resources made available by the partners.
Expected Impacts and Results
Result 1 – Studies and Plans Knowledge, diagnosis, guidelines and integrated development plans of community, in environmental, socio-economic aspects carried out Result 2 – Fostering Local Development Community and civil society associations strengthened, and people’s socio-economic level improved Result 3 – Institutional Strengthening and Project Supervision Multidisciplinary technical team established and strengthened