(Grant) Mapping Yangon – the untapped communities



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Yangon City Development Council has expressed a desire to the project proponent to better understand informal settlements, their contribution to informal economy and urban poverty, but do not have the capacity to identify and map these settlements, or estimate their population and understand what contribution they make to the city. This project aims to map these settlements as well as the socio-economic characteristics and primary needs of populations in these areas
To have adequate information concerned with the urban layout and socio-economic profile of the poorest areas of Yangon, in order to permit and encourage future projects to address infrastructure, basic services, land tenure, housing and livelihoods issues in these areas.
1. Identification of informal settlements 1.1 Activity: Review of existing information concerned with informal settlements and resettlement areas, including any official documents or plans concerning resettlement areas 1.2 Activity: Examination of aerial/satellite images to identify settlements, & comparison with official maps and plans 1.3 Activity: Field verification of results & mapping external boundaries 2. Mapping informal settlement areas 2.1 Activity: Mapping internal layouts with GPS devices 2.2 Activity: Capacity development/training: integrating data into YCDC maps 2.3 Activity: Dissemination of mapping data 3. In-depth survey 3.1 Activity: Walk-through enumeration 3.2 Activity: Quantitative demographic & livelihood survey 3.3 Activity: Qualitative survey 3.4 Activity: Documenting Lessons learned and mapping process; Developing Training modules with URDI for national level replication
Expected Impacts and Results
Outcome 1: Develop knowledge and understanding of spatial dynamics, location, and organisation of informal and resettlement areas Outcome 2: Develop an understanding of the socio-economic characteristics and primary needs of populations in these areas. Development of data/publications concerning the socio-economic characteristics and primary needs of communities