Establishment and Operation of the South Africa Cities Network (SACN) and the SA Cities Network Company (SACNC) in South Africa



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Core Focus
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South Africa


Establish and assist the operations of a new network of the municipalities of the nine largest cities in South Africa, the Cities Support and Learning Network (SACN).
Assess, disseminate and apply the international best practices of large city governments in addressing urban poverty adapted to the South African context Analyse strategic challenges facing South African cities and focus responses to these challenges Support an increasingly effective partnership between the national, provincial and local spheres of government to support improved pro-poor governance of large cities in South Africa Promote strategies and approaches to involvement of the poor, with an emphasis on women as a specific sub-sector, in strategic planning processes and in upgrading schemes.
Metropolitan Economic Growth and Job Creation, within the CDS context Implementation of the National Urban Renewal Strategy Benchmarking City Development Performance Effective responses to HIV/AIDS Interaction with national government policies and programmes, Metropolitan transport issues Peer Review Programme Strategic leadership programmes
Expected Impacts and Results
Delineation of a strategic framework that will enable all members to more effectively and efficiently address city development and economic growth planning. Networking around the National Urban Renewal Strategy (URS) to improve the effectiveness of this national slum-upgrading programme. Development of strategies to more effectively deal with urban poverty and HIV/AIDS.