Creating Community federations for Urban Partnerships



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The target group of this proposed activity is the communities living in the slums and informal settlements in the towns of Bhuvaneswar, Puri, Cuttack and Paradeep, especially where they have been affected by the cyclones. The strategy is to work with the groups already within the emerging Orissa federations and use this resource to make them comprehensive city level federations. Thus this proposal looks at the possibility – over a period of 36 months – of a long-term approach to scale up and effectively address the shelter needs of the urban poor in Orissa.
The objective is to develop a new strategy by which poverty related issues are resolved through partnerships between the State, the city and its poor assisted by all development stakeholders interested in addressing this issue.
1) Mobilise the poor to begin to see themselves as a solution rather than a problem;  2) Seek to develop in them skills and capacity to organise and mobilise themselves and develop skills to produce knowledge and strategies to explore solutions to their problems and Municipal Corporations;  3) Creates partnership between the Municipal Corporations and the communities once the initial and often difficult part of getting to know and understand each other is done.
Expected Impacts and Results
1. Urban poor communities in four cities of Orissa mobilized and strengthened and saving and credit groups established and linked to mainstream institutions. At city level ultimately, but within the project period this will be demonstrated in at least 10 settlements across the 4 cities and plans for the rest will be produced;  2. Policy and programmatic changes initiated in the area of housing and infrastructure for the urban poor with respect to land tenure, access to housing finance, reservation of lands for public purposes, eligibility of slum-dwellers for benefits and resettlement and rehabilitation.