Country Programme: Vietnam



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The objective of CPs is to support the emergence of a more effective urban agenda centered on sustainable and inclusive cities. Towards this end, Cities Alliance support through CPs focuses on three key elements: (i) strong city and national government ownership; (ii) alignment of urban strategies at the national, local government, and community levels; and (iii) harmonisation among Cities Alliance members’ activities on urban development with other local, national or international development partners and the community.
1) National policy frameworks developed and/or enhanced to address urban development needs 2) Capacity of cities to provide improved services to urban poor strengthened 3) Mechanisms to engage citizens in urban governance developed 4) Local inclusive strategies and plans developed and implemented
The Cities Alliance defines its Country Programme outputs/results within 4 programmatic areas. In support of these 4 outputs, the Vietnam Country Programme proposes: Support for Community-Based, Participatory City Development Strategies in Seven Vietnam Cities Support city-wide upgrading process in 20 small and medium cities in Vietnam Consolidating management and implementation of Community Development Fund (CDF) through the Association of Cities of Vietnam (ACVN) (Vietnam LSC) Strengthening of the Vietnam Urban Forum (VUF) and Operationalizing the National Urban Upgrading Program (NUUP)
Expected Impacts and Results
Strengthened city and national government ownership Alignment of urban strategies at all levels Harmonization among CA members'a activities on urban development with other local, national, or international development partners and the community.