Bhutan National Urban Development Strategy (NUDS) and Thimphu City Development Strategy (TCDS)



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Bhutan’s capital city of Thimphu seeks to pro-actively address its rapid growth, in a sustainable and environmentally sound manner; improving the quality of life of the growing urban population and invigorating private sector development.
1) Develop a policy framework for urban growth in Thimphu, with potential replication to other cities in the country;  2) Develop a national urban development strategy to improve the quality of life of the growing urban population;  3) Establish a basis for invigorating active private sector development; Draw up municipal financing plans.
1) Data collection and analyses, to be followed by a series of stakeholder workshops to prioritise issues and establish an overarching vision;  2) Drafting of a CDS, addressing issues of local governance and citizen participation, municipal finance, environmental sustainability, housing and land issues, private sector participation, and infrastructure service delivery;  3) Finalise CDS through process of discussions with stakeholders and experts
Expected Impacts and Results
The CDS activity is expected to establish broad consensus among the city’s stakeholders on the key issues the city faces, a vision for its future development and actions needed for moving towards the vision.