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This conference is dedicated to the urban development financing chain and existing and possible solutions. It consists of plenary and parallel sessions, crossing views and experiences of local elected officials and finance Ministers with those from other African urban development stakeholders, to make progress in bringing the discussion forward. At the end, the Declaration of Marrakech Resolutions will enable every stakeholder to make a stand and to commit up to 2016, for the evaluation to be presented at the Habitat III Summit.
The objective of the conference is to stimulate exchanges between the diverse stakeholders in order to move toward principals and proposals for actions as well as commitments.
Cities Alliance is planning a 90 minute side event with the Ville de Dakar team on the bond where Cities Alliance representatives with Municipal Finance Expert expert, K Rajivan will participate as discussants. The CA Sec will be invited to participate in a Special Donors ‘ Session which will bring together international donors with a view to debate on strategies and methodologies in support of African local governments’ financial capacities, and CA Country Programme partners, including the cities of Arua, Ouagadougou and Addis Abeba will join the Finet training workshop on credit rating prior to the Conference
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