All the World is Urban: Planning in the Developing World: Ahmedabad



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All the World is Urban will be a feature-length documentary DVD on Ahmedabad as the city redefines itself through wide-reaching urban planning and massive renovation affecting the lives of millions of people.
To describe a land use management paradigm for a city that is growing, becoming wealthier, and has multiple claims from its citizens on the future.
1) Interviews, 2) Taping on Location, 3) Editing, 4) Post Production, and 5) Preparation of Accompanying Print Materials.
Expected Impacts and Results
The film will address a number of questions that are highly pertinent to India's urban transformation over the next two decades: 1) How does a 600-year-old city solve pressing 21st centry problems? 2) How does a city define itself? 3) How are its history and heritage being preserved? 4) Whose heritage is preserved? 5) How is change negotiated? 6) Who gets to be heard in the process? 7) Who gets to decide? 8) Can the poor be accommodated and treated with dignity and respect? 9) Who wins, who loses or is there a possibility of win-win outcomes? 10) What lessons are to be learned for other cities in India?