A National Urban Policy for Liberia: A Discussion Paper

Developing the Liberia National Urban Policy is expected to coordinate the work of different sectors, establish incentives for more sustainable practices, and spur a balanced system of cities and towns through strengthening urban-rural linkages and equitable resource allocation. This will not only help reduce urban and territorial disparities within and among regions, but also promote institutional collaboration and policy coherence towards achievement of the Liberia National ‘Vision 2030.’ To initiate development of a National Urban Policy for Liberia, this Discussion Paper, a key output of the feasibility phase, explains the context in which the policy will operate. The paper is the result of a wide range of research and consultations on the demographic, socioeconomic, and physical environment aspects of the country. It also provides preliminary policy recommendations for further analysis in the subsequent NUP development processes. The Paper aims to build consensus with all urban actors on what has been discussed and agreed and to stimulate active support for further diagnostic, policy formulation, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation.

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