International Housing Coalition Advocates for Slum Dwellers Around the World

[14 February 2013] -- The International Housing Coalition (IHC) has released its Annual Report for FY2012, highlighting its many activities that have contributed to the organisation’s growing reputation as an informed and effective advocate for the poorly housed and slum dwellers around the world.

These activities included:
  • Development of a plan to shape a new set of post 2015 global development goals
  • Sponsorship of policy relevant seminars, workshops and discussions
  • Ongoing dialogue and engagement with USAID on the preparation of its urban services delivery strategy

The IHC is a partner of the Cities Alliance, and that cooperation continued through FY2012, most notably by co-sponsoring an annual urban poverty essay competition.  Since 2010 the two organisations have co-sponsored the essay competition for graduate students along with USAID, the Woodrow Wilson Center, and the World Bank.

The 2012 competition generated a strong response, with more than 70 students submitting abstracts. Eight finalists were published in a book produced by the Woodrow Wilson Center, and the grand prize winner presented her work at the World Urban Forum in September 2012. The Call for Papers is currently open for the 2013 competition.

The Cities Alliance also participated in several workshops and events with the IHC, including an IHC-hosted event marking World Habitat Day 2011. Senior Urban Specialist Julian Baskin served as a discussant at the event, which focused on informal settlements along the U.S.-Mexico border and the lessons learned from informal settlements around the world.

Established in 2005, the IHC is a non-profit membership organisation that advocates for adequate housing conditions, slum improvement, and effective responses to rapid urban growth in developing nations.

Download the IHC Annual Report for FY2012


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