Discussion paper: Framing, Impacts and Key Elements of the New Urban Agenda, February 2016

In the process of drafting the New Urban Agenda, questions regarding its form and function will be of paramount importance. This discussion has three dimensions.

Firstly, the broader framing of the New Urban Agenda needs to be discussed. WIll the New Urban Agenda reflect a clear vision on urbanization and sustainable urban development, and if so, how? How will it be linked to other international agreements?

Secondly, once the broader framing of the New Urban Agenda has been agreed upon, its specific goals and aspired impact need to be clarified. What responses and actions should it trigger, and from which actors?

And thirdly, the structure and content of the New Urban Agenda need to be discussed. These should ideally be designed to create the desired framing for the Agenda, and help it achieve its specific goals and expected impact.

Examples of structural characteristics relate, for example, to the role of monitoring and review mechanism, and voluntary partnerships in the Agenda.

The following paragraphs briefly outline key debates on the New Urban Agenda related to these three dimensions.

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