Khalifa Ababacar Sall, former Mayor of the City of Dakar, released

Mr. Sall is also the former President of the Cities Alliance and of UCLG Africa. He has been freed after 2.5 years in detention.
Cities Alliance


Mr. Khalifa Sall, former president of the Cities Alliance and the former mayor of Dakar, has been freed after 2.5 years in detention. Mr. Sall was also the President of of UCLG Africa, a prominent member of the Cities Alliance partnership. 

Mr. Sall is a determined, constructive and visionary character and the Cities Alliance is pleased that we will once more be able to count on him as an ally in our continued work to improve the living conditions of the populations of Africa, achieve sustainable human development, defend democracy, support decentralization, and respect freedom and human rights for all.


Read the full release from UCLG here.


Cities Alliance
Cities Alliance Assembly, 6 – 7 April 2016 during which Mr. Khalifa Sall was welcomed as President of Cities Alliance. (Brussels, Belgium)