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WIEGO to Explore the Role of Public Space for Informal Livelihoods and Equitable Growth in Cities
The activity will engage organisations of informal workers as well as Cities Alliance and JWP members to compile state-of-the-art knowledge and showcase good-practice examples from cities around the world.
Cities Alliance Launches Series of Articles on Gender Equality and Development
The articles highlight results, advocacy and projects that Members and partners are implementing to promote gender equality and women’s empowerment.
New Urban Housing Practitioners’ Hub Takes Shape in Latin America
The UHPH is a platform that combines a digital space with in-person interactions where people can connect and access information about housing in LAC as they implement the New Urban Agenda.
Emerging Cities Alliance Joint Work Programme to Address Migration and Cities
The emerging JWP aims to inspire new global thinking on how cities can manage opportunities arising from migration and the impact on urban programming over the long term.
By recognizing the way gender shapes realities in cities, gender-responsive services can address practical and strategic gender needs to empower people and transform societies. Learn more in our new discussion paper.
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