Livorno 33rd RETE Meeting

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Livorno 33rd RETE Meeting - 15th-17th October 2020


Port cities and ports, key players in the global movement of goods, are now facing the challenge of positioning themselves and remaining competitive among the main nodes of the new global wealth circulation network, formed by the processes of globalisation.

In a context of structural change, cooperation between cities and ports emerges as a powerful source of synergies, thus becoming a key factor in the adaptation and revitalisation of their assets, as a seed and driving force of opportunities for building their future.

The international seminar "The Port-City ecosystem. Visions and Tools for Sustainable Development” organized by RETE aims at identifying approaches and experience relating to integration between city and port, with a specific focus on southern and Mediterranean Europe and Latin America.

Cities Alliance will be represented by Giulia Maci, Cities alliance Urban Specialist and Head of Cities for Women Programme - and will share CDS experiences and participatory city planning as a tool to increase the resilience of port-cities

You can find registration information on RETE's website.

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