Informal Settlements and COVID in Latin America

COVID responses from community leaders across the region.
LAV COVID - Slums LAC Cities Alliance

Informal Settlements and COVID in LAC


Housing Laboratory on 18 June at 4 pm CEST ( 9 am Colombia / Peru time)

Live stream on Facebook


This LAV will focus on the perspective of community leaders from across the region. They will discuss their responses to COVID, interactions/incidence at city and national level and challenges of the post-pandemic.

The open discussion will be guided by following questions:

  • How have they organized themselves? What help have they received and from whom? What are the problems they still have?
  • What are the the technologies or alternatives at community/neighbourhood level, in the face of physical distance or confinement, to map the situation and identify the needs of communities in slums? 
  • What type of synergies have been possible between governments and civil society? Which rights have been violated, which have been protected?
  • What kind of support from local and national governments do civil society organizations need to strengthen responses to COVID-19 in slums?
  • What proposals for advocacy between civil society and governments can strengthen the recovery and integral improvement of neighborhoods? Would it be valid to have a regional advocacy space?


The LAV is organized by Cities Alliance and UHPH, in collaboration with Habitat International Coalition, Habitat for Humanity, Uniapravi, CLACSO, RIVHA, Ciedur, Techo, Platform for the Right to the City, Redeus LAC and The Bartlett Development Planning Unit.


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