Daring Cities

The global virtual forum for urban leaders tackling the climate emergency. Organised by ICLEI and the City of Bonn.

Daring Cities

The global virtual forum for urban leaders tackling the climate emergency

7-28 October 2020

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Cities Alliance - Climate Change


Even as the COVID-19 pandemic rages on, the climate crisis continues to impact our cities, towns and regions around the world. We are in a climate emergency that national and international leaders are struggling to address, but that citizens and local leaders are mobilizing to disrupt.

Daring Cities is a global, action-oriented virtual forum, designed by Cities Alliance's member ICLEI and the city of Bonn, to empower urban leaders - such as mayors, city councilors, administrators, and urban thought leaders, as well as national government representatives, researchers, technical staff, business leaders, civil society decision-makers and community organizers - to tackle the climate crisis, especially in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic.


Cities Alliance - Daring Cities


Cities Alliance will actively engage during the Forum and contribute to the following events:

9 October - Inclusive Cities – The Next Generation: on the occasion of the retirement of Prof. Günter Meinert, GIZ, the event will provide food for thought and momentum for an updated narrative on inclusive cities. Senior urbanists will share their experiences on core issues of inclusive cities through the decades. Young urban professionals will present their views on inclusive cities in a rapidly changing and fluid context. This session will count with the participation of Billy Cobbett, Director of Cities Alliance and will be moderated by Rene Hohmann, Head of Global Programmes. Learn more.


13 October -  The role of housing, sustainable building materials and public spaces in the context of Covid-19 and green recovery: how can we meet the immense future housing demand while making use of sustainable construction and providing quality open space, following a “Green Recovery” trajectory? A session moderated by Rene Hohmann, Head of Global Programmes, Cities Alliance. Learn more


20 October - Social Equity as an Essential Component of Urban Resilience: The need for transformational planning in the face of the climate crisis and the COVID-19 pandemic requires a discussion on the effective and just delivery of services and infrastructure. The session ill showcase city experiences from the global south and the north, facing disasters with a holistic, intersectional and radical approach. Cities Alliance will be represented by Giulia Maci, Urban Specialist, Cities for Women Programme. Learn more.


27 October - Test your Pitch: A session targeted at local governments, with the purpose to give tips and tricks of project pitching, highlighting the key elements and considerations, the DOs and DON´Ts, as well as giving practical advice to access climate finance and funding. Cities Alliance will be represented by Arne Janssen, Urban Environment Specialist, Climate Change, Resilience and Informality Programme. Learn more.


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