Joint Work Programmes/Partnerships

In addition to funding grants in support of city development strategies and slum upgrading, the Cities Alliance also undertakes joint work programmes and partnership agreements.


Joint Work Programmes
A knowledge activity in the Secretariat work programme that is centred around a specific theme and undertaken with a Cities Alliance member. Examples include the Cities and Climate Change joint work programme with World Bank, UN-HABITAT, and UNEP and a joint work programme with the Energy Sector Management Assistance Program (ESMAP).

Joint work programmes are searchable in the Cities Alliance project database.


Partnership Agreements
A medium or longer-term agreement between the Cities Alliance Secretariat and a developing country involving a series of activities related primarily to knowledge and advocacy on strategic city development planning and scaled up upgrading, with support to be provided by Cities Alliance members. The partnership country may or may not be a member of the Cities Alliance.

Download partnership agreement documents: