Villes en développement No. 87, Décembre 2009 Alliance des villes: préparer la prochaine décennie


Villes en développement is a bulletin of French cooperation for urban development, housing and urban design published by Isted.

Issue No. 89 focuses on the Cities Alliance. It includes articles on:

  • "The Cities Alliance: Preparing for the Next Ten Years" by Cities Alliance Programme Manager William Cobbett
  • "The Johannesburg-Lilongwe Mentorship Programme" by Jan Erasmus, Office of the Executive Mayor, City of Johannesburg
  • "India Unveils New Approaches to Slum Upgrading" by Mr. Cobbett and Regional Adviser Ajay Suri
  • "Financing Cities: Beyond the Crisis" by Cities Alliance Sr. Urban Specialist Thierry Paulais
  • "Land, Services and Citizenship for the Urban Poor" by Cities Alliance Sr. Urban Specialist Julian Baskin

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