Toolkit for Equitable Economic Growth in Cities (French)


This toolkit is a simple, user-friendly, flexible tool to help mayors understand what equitable economic growth means for their city, and what kind of opportunities and constraints exist. It is based on the premise that equitable economic growth in urban areas requires improving infrastructure and service public goods at the local level, and securing access to these public goods for citizens, private sector and state-owned businesses regardless of economic status, gender, ethnicity, or residential location.

The toolkit was piloted in four African secondary cities (Tema, Ghana; Dori, Burkina Faso; Mbale, Uganda; and Nampula, Mozambique), validating its functionality. The pilots generated city equitable economic growth profiles for each city and allowed for benchmarking and comparisons between cities.

The toolkit is available in English and French.


Download the toolkit:


Comment promouvoir la croissance économique équitable dans votre ville

Equitable Economic Growth in Your Town or City: A diagnostic toolkit

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