State of Cities Reporting: Good Practice Guide and Toolkit


Published in November 2008, this Guide and Toolkit was prepared for the South African Cities Network as part of the review and evaluation of the South African State of Cities reporting process.

The South African State of Cities reports are widely regarded as international good practice, and the South African reporting processes have many valuable lessons for State of Cities reporting in other parts of the world.

This good practice guide and toolkit focuses on the experiences of producing the 2004 and 2006 South African State of Cities reports. It also looks at State of Cities reporting processes that have occurred elsewhere in the world.

Based on the experiences in South Africa and elsewhere, the characteristics of an effective State
of Cities reporting process are then discussed, under the headings of: purpose/ target audience; institutional home; the reporting process; analytical frameworks; indicators/ data; end products; and dissemination.

The report was prepared by Warren Smit, Graham Tipple and Michael Majale.

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