IncluCity Mid-Term Progress Report: Improving Governance and Services for Ghana’s Urban Poor


In just two years, the IncluCity program has exceeded its targets and delivered meaningful increases in citizen involvement with their local government and increased municipal revenues. All 59 target communities completed Community Action Plans (CAPs) reflecting their priorities in partnership with their local government officials resulting in 67 completed community projects, one-third financed by the cities without any program funds. Both AMA and STMA developed Revenue Improvement Action Plans and achieved significant revenue growth from 2011 to 2013 with increases of 19% and 53% respectively. Other key mid-term outputs and outcomes include:

  • ILGS, NIMCOSS and COLANDEF developed and institutionalized two sets of training curricula on civic education and accountability and participatory planning and budgeting and delivered 24 workshops, jointly training 1,145 CBO and city staff and elected officials.
  • ILGS managed four peer exchange visits between Ghana’s five largest cities which the cities have agreed to continue beyond the end of the IncluCity program.
  • 164 CBOs demonstrated improved capacity to mobilize and engage citizens evidenced by completion of 59 CAPs, 67 community projects and 613 constructive meetings with city officials.
  • AMA and STMA improved their accountability to citizens and increased stakeholder engagement in their planning as evidenced in increases, ranging from 50% to 250%, from their baseline scores on a national government performance assessment.
  • STMA is the first metropolitan area in Ghana to complete mapping, street naming, and addressing and assessing the property value of every property in its jurisdiction, increasing by 72% the number of residences in its tax registry.

Based on the STMA experience, IncluCity has influenced implementation of the national street addressing policy, improved national MIS software and shared the methodology and results with cities across the country.

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