African Cities in the Urban Anthropocene (Policy Brief 2)


African Cities in the Urban Anthropocene is the second of a series of policy briefs published by the Cities Alliance Africa Think Tank. The brief, by Camaren Peter, Blake Robinson and Mark Swilling, calls for a new paradigm of bioregional economic diversification as African cities face the challenge of climate change, rapid urbanization, urban spatial and infrastructural layout that impair agglomeration dynamics.

This vision for a sustainable African urban transition essentially revolves around achieving resource efficiency at the city level, as well as improving access to opportunities for the poor, and boosting resilience and adaptive capacity. The authors argue that it can be achieved by focusing on three technological areas of intervention: public transportation and Transit-Oriented Development; energy efficiency and renewable energy; and the transformational role of ICTs with respect to sector and regional integration.


About the Cities Alliance Africa Think Tank

A partnership between Cities Alliance and the African Centre for Cities, was formed to reflect the unique complexities of urbanization on the African continent. The partnership features a broad range of members with a global focus.

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