Cities Alliance’s participation in the Global Refugee Forum highlighted the critical role cities play in managing refugees and drew much-needed attention to the city perspective, which is often overlooked.
In addition, the 6th Mayoral Forum will be held in conjunction with the GFMD 20 - 24th of January, 2020. Quito, Ecuador.
Our grantee Pamoja Trust shares insight into an innovative, pro-poor, gender- and youth- responsive tool for inclusive, sustainable, and strong urban communities.
Summary of talk at the Urban Journalism Academy, 24th of May 2019
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Incremental innovation has the potential to create inclusive development and to bring sectors together to position housing at the centre of urban development.
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Photo: International Migration Organization
Secondary cities are among the fastest growing in the world, and the arrival point for tens of thousands of migrants each year.
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Quito, Ecuador. Photo: M M from Switzerland/Wikimedia
Countries seeking to implement National Urban Policies need a strong legal framework. A Cities Alliance study on urban laws in the LAC region offers insights.
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