Cities Alliance Executive Committee Meeting - Ghana Meeting Documents, No. 2

1 July 2011

Dear Executive Committee,
As promised, please find attached the remaining 2 documents:
  • 8 Draft Business Plan
  • 13 Knowledge Resources/JWP Summary
The Business Plan draft has been developed by the Secretariat over the past two months, making particular use of  departing staff members such as Gunter Meinert, who provided wonderful guidance on adopting a results-based framework, and strengthening a M&E system. 
However, we have now reached a stage where we need the guidance of EXCO, prior to finalising the Business Plan for presentation to the Consultative Group in November. This will be an absolutely key document for the Cities Alliance, as it will codify the transformation that the CG approved in Mexico City, and will signal the way forward with our dynamic new business plan.
It also will need to serve as a prospectus for the significant, additional resources that will be required to allow the Cities Alliance to respond to the needs of its partners, and the
expecations of its members.
The Business Plan will be the main item for discussion in Accra, and we look forward to lively and constructive engagement. 
All documents, as well as the consolidated pdf, will be posted on the members page
We have also updated the programme for the Ghana Urban Platform (see attached 18b).
The Secretariat will provide binders for all participants as well.
I am departing today for Australia where I will give a keynote address to the World Planning Schools Congress (, followed by
meetings with AusAid in Canberra.

Safe travels to Ghana.
With my best wishes, 






William Cobbett
Cities Alliance
1818H Street, NW
Washington DC