Cities Alliance Executive Committee Meeting: Ghana Meeting Documents

28 June 2011

Dear Executive Committee members,
Warm greetings from Washington, where we are in the last few days of the Financial Year, and also preparing for EXCO.
First and foremost, I would like to take this opportunity to inform you that tomorrow marks Gunter Meinert's last day at the Cities Alliance. I know we will find another time to properly record his significant contribution to the Cities Alliance. For the moment, I would like to record my thanks to GIZ for the four years that Gunter has been here and - on behalf of the whole Secretariat - to thank Gunter for the outstanding role that he has played. He will be severely missed by the Cities Alliance. However, GIZ's urban outlook is about to dramatically improve!
We are now in the final stages of planning for our forthcoming meetings, which have been extremely well prepared by Sid and Andrea, in consultation with our Ghanaian partners. The main focus of the EXCO meeting will be the Draft Business Plan, 2012-2014, as you will see in the draft Agenda. This is a significant document, which we hope to circulate to you in draft form in the next two days.
Please note that we will also be joined by a representative from COWI/AS the firm selected for the Independent Evaluation 2011.
We have tried to make the documentation more user-friendly, and would very much welcome your feedback.
Please find attached the following 18 documents, all pdfs:
All documents are posted on the Member page:
We will send out one, consolidated PDF file containing all the documents shortly. This can be used for easy printing. 





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