Cities Alliance Donor Coordination - 1 July 2011

1 July 2011

Dear Consultative Group,
The Secretariat is pleased to provide an update on Cities Alliance proposals that have been processed since our last Update of 25 May 2011.
I am pleased to share with you, for the purposes of member donor co-ordination, the framework document for the "Ghana Land Services and Citizenship for the Urban Poor" Ghana Country Partnership Programme and summaries of three associated proposals included in the framework document. We would welcome any early feedback or suggestions you or your country-based colleagues might wish to bring to our attention and would ask that comments be sent by 15 July.
Please be advised that for ease of access, all Proposal Updates are routinely posted on the members page of our website -- accessible through "Members Login" at Kindly please create a personal login to access the Cities Alliance Members Home Page.

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Cities Alliance Proposals Update, Donor Coordination - 1 July 2011


I. Proposal for Donor Coordination
II. Proposals Approved


I. Proposals for Donor Coordination


Comments, if any, are due back to the Secretariat in ten business days, 15 July 2011

1. Ghana Land Services and Citizenship for the Urban Poor
Proposal type:
Framework Document for the Ghana Country Partnership Programme
Indicative Programme Budget: USD 4,065,000
Submitted by: National Government (MoLGRD); Institute of Local Government Studies (ILGS); Metropolitan/Municipal Assemblies; Organised slum communities in partnership with People’s Dialogue; and National Universities
CA Member Sponsor: AFD, GIZ, Habitat for Humanity International, Slum Dwellers International, UN-HABITAT and World Bank

2. Support to Develop a National Urban Agenda Focused on Inclusive Urban Development Policies and Strategies
Proposal type: Ghana Country Partnership Programme
Request to CA: USD 755, 895
Submitted by: Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development
CA Member Sponsor: AFD, GIZ

3. Sustainable Urban Local Government Capacity Building in Ghana: An Enabling Platform for Effective Governance and Enhancement of Service Delivery
Proposal type:
Ghana Country Partnership Programme
Request to CA: USD 411,383
Submitted by: Institute of Local Government Studies (ILGS)
CA Member Sponsor: GIZ


4. Building the Capacity of the Urban Poor for Inclusive Urban Development in Ghana
Proposal type: Ghana Country Partnership Programme
Request to CA: USD 700,000
Submitted by: SDI
CA Member Sponsor: SDI

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II. Proposals Approved


1. Strengthening of the Vietnam Urban Forum (VUF) and Operationalizing the National Urban Upgrading Program (NUUP)
Proposal type: Vietnam (LSC) Country Partnership Programme
Request to CA: $500,000
Submitted by: Ministry of Construction
CA Member Sponsor: UN-Habitat, World Bank

2. Support for upgrading the Chamanculo C Neighbourhood in accordance with the Global Strategy for Urbanizing and Reordering Informal Settlements in the Maputo Municipality (8 June 2011)
Proposal type: Slum Upgrading
Request to CA: $ 575,000
Submitted by: Maputo Municipal Council
CA Member Sponsor: Ministry of Cities, Brazil, Caixa Econômica Federal (CAIXA), Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, World Bank


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